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Nicole. 24. Milwaukee, WI. Single. She works at Joann Fabrics. She is a freelance Graphic Designer. She is also an artist who dabbles in a bit of everything. She is currently studying Graphic Design, so she can get that paper that tells you she can work Photoshop....

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So Bored.

I’m just unbelievably bored right now so this post is what im wearing.

omg I LOVE this skirt, its adorable and it still fits me and it has pockets. you have no clue how much pockets in skirts make me happy. skirts are so awkward with out them. seriously where do you store shit if your not in a hoodie or carrying a purse?

Don’t get me started on my “I (heart) Mary Jane” shirt. Its good when I want to represent when I’m with my grandma cuz I seriously think shes clueless.

and im listening to sublime. oh today is going to be good. probably going to go out drinking later.

Peace Out,

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