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Angelina Jolie is Insane. (So Are 90% of Celebrities)

I watch a shit-ton of E!, like amazing amounts. Why, well thats because the daytime programming; well most of it, is AMAZING!

She adopted another kid. Hey I am not one that is against adoption, there are plenty of kids that need good homes. BUT FUCKING SERIOUSLY! Why do you adopt kids from other countries, yeah maybe their parents are dead, but there are SO MANY FUCKING kids from America (or whatever your home country/planet) live that need a caring family. So I want to know why people go around adopting foregin kids when there are so many kids here who need love and a home.

So apparently Angelina just adopted another kid, and that brings her kid count up to 7. Seven mother fucking kids. Yeah I know her and Brad have millions of dollars but fucking seriously, they get the chance to travel all over the world and expierence  things most people will never get to experence. Can they ever stay in one place and I wonder how Shiloh feels, considering thats her only biological child, and how she goes around collecting all these other children. Its like Pokemon except with people, and it makes me feel disgusting. Oh apparently she wants 14 children, that makes me sick.

Madonna, oh what can I say about that gaped-toothed bitch. Only that I think she thinks she is amazing. She already has 2 kids and she goes and adopts 2 more. I get it help out the children be a cougar. OK that last part makes me gag, a bit, wait a lot. Everyone is like look at Madonna help out the children, more like look at Madonna steal children with living relatives.

Lady Gaga, according to Time Magazine was voted one of the 100 Most Influential People. I think she is only influential to help little girls sing songs about riding on someones dick. Disco Stick, fucking really. I know what a Disco Stick is, if you don’t and haven’t guessed yet, ITS A GOD DAMMED PENIS! I heard a little like 11 yr old girl singing that song. That is disgusting, fucking disgusting. This lady is not influential, she is perverted and disgusting. If you are SOBER and get kicked out of a baseball game, it is sad!

Gary Busey is insane in general, and he knows it and we all know it so he is totally self explanatory.



(sorry about the spelling mistakes, my spell check isn’t working.)

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