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i forgot about thissssss.


ive been mega busy with work. and friends. and work.

lets see what has happened:

  • im thinking about applying for culinary school
    ive been playing shit tons of xbox 360
    i wrote a 410 word essay
    i went out of town
    i got drunk
    i did some not so great things at
    i lost my nametag for work
    ive watched a shit ton of degrassi: the next generation
    ive worked alot
    i have fixed my computer
    i worked more
    ive baked a couple cakes
    ive baked a shit load of muffins
    i just found a dollar in my pocket
    ive worked some more
    i mowed my grandmas front and back yard
    i had an eventful mothers day filled with screaming and a nasty pie my grandma claimed won an award
    im hanging out with old friends
    i saw gwar twice
    i got a new phone
    i brushed my cat’s teeth
    i drank some more
    i helped my sister order a computer
    i had the most boring dinner ever with my family
    my god father found out i smoke
    ive played more rockband 2
    i went to a few porn stores
    i found out some girl i went to high school with is a porn star (or a wannabe atleast)
    i gave some guy a blow job
    i got a lap dance from some other guy
    i drank more
    i updated wordpress
    i downloaded more music
    ive smoked alot
    andy came over and we baked a green cake
    andy practically lives here but we arent dating… dont even think about it
    ive listened to a shit ton of queen
    i danced for 2.5 hours at pridefest
    i saw some chicks that ruined my buzz
    i broke my phone
    i clipped my cats claws
    i got airplane cookies from andy
    broke the ac adapter for my shower cd player.. now i have very quiet showers its not fun
    made a lemon merigune pie with my grandma with my great grandma yelling at us from heaven that we are making the pie crust wrong just like she did when she was alive
    my ipod has died and now i have to bring it to best buy to fix it. oh joyyyy…
  • yeah thats about it….

    im going to go..
    real update is on the way
    i promise.


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