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Nicole. 24. Milwaukee, WI. Single. She works at Joann Fabrics. She is a freelance Graphic Designer. She is also an artist who dabbles in a bit of everything. She is currently studying Graphic Design, so she can get that paper that tells you she can work Photoshop....

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Apparently I’m Not Allowed To Express My Opinions….

for all of you that dont know me, im anti-armed forces, war, and violence. you may call me a hippie i dont care. judge me all you want i also dont care. but when im called a selfish bitch for stating my opinion youve offically pissed me off and i will find you and hurt you. you wont know when, you wont know how, just watch out you fuckers. also for those who dont know i dont particularily enjoy where i live. i want to move somewhere far and pretty.

this leads me to things that piss me off (its my fucking blog if you dont want to read what i bitch about you better leave, cuz ill probably offend you.):

  • my boyfriends ex
  • people who wont shut the fuck up on their phones when im trying to help them
  • people who feel that they must show off how much money they have
  • teenage girls
  • when people tell me i shouldnt do something, im 20 i feel i can decide if its a good idea or not
  • stupid people
  • the army, the navy, and what ever else it is cuz i dont care
  • people who tell me that they are fighting for my freedom in iraq, i thought i already had freedom… asses
  • people who refuse to let me express my opinion, cuz its wrong
  • my father
  • people who feel they must yell at me like im a child
  • people who try to give me money for m “my child college fund” cuz they think im pregnant., i should then get to ask them if they are retarded
  • people who yell at me cuz they are offended
  • kanye west
  • lady gaga (show me some real fucking proof. and stop dressing like a drag queen if you arent one cuz its fucking stupid)
  • people who dont understand counter-cultures
  • people who treat me like im stupid
  • ed hardy
  • parents who want me to lie to their kids
  • parents who dont watch their kids
  • you and your $400 coach/dooney & burke purse that you will have for a year and then feel you have to get a new one, even though your other one is in mint condition
  • britney spears and her fans that think she is still the shit….
  • people who think katy perry can sing (alert alert its all digital)
  • metalocolypse its retarded and i dont care if i spelled it wrong
  • teenie-boppers
  • using leggings as pants, they arent they are supposed to be layered, go watch a good 80′s movie and find out
  • fashion trends
  • art trends
  • trends in general
  • scene kids who believe they are individuals
  • people who dont see the beauty in things
  • shows about having a shit ton of kids (like jon and kate plus eight)
  • shows about brides
  • shows about seeing you give birth…..
  • mtv
  • 16 & pregnant, its nice to know you’ve fucked up but i dont need a damn show about it
  • celebrity dating shows, half of them are famous for being on another dating shows (ps all the girls are whores, so the first challenge should be getting them tested)
  • kim kardashian and her twit sisters
  • girls who wear “bump-its”, apparently they arent aware that it looks like they have a growth on their heads…..
  • people who tell me ridiculous stories

well theres what i have to say.



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