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Nicole. 24. Milwaukee, WI. Single. She works at Joann Fabrics. She is a freelance Graphic Designer. She is also an artist who dabbles in a bit of everything. She is currently studying Graphic Design, so she can get that paper that tells you she can work Photoshop....

Beats In My Head

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These are things I think about.


  1. I dont get why girls go out with guys their best friend went out with…. Because yes I want to fuck the same guy my best friend did…
  2. My dad thinks about when his children are going to leave home.
  3. How I got a higher score on the ACTs than my little sister who got a 4.0.
  4. Why my great uncle complains about what my grandma does, but he’ll only come once a year.
  5. Why it is news that someone has 8 babies.
  6. Why there are reality shows about having sooo many kids.
  7. Why people get married at the age of 18, 19, 20, or 21.
  8. And why they have kids like RIGHT out of high school.
  9. Why people want to look like potential date rapists.
  10. Why assholes add people on social networking sites so they can be fucking dick heads.
  11. Why people aren’t more open minded.
  12. Why weed is illegal.
  13. Why can’t the government can’t tax weed, sure I’ll pay 5% tax.

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